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Working Experiences

Jul. 2022 - May. 2023

University of Southern California

  • Worked as a grader for CSCI-522 game engine class

  • Evaluated engine assignments and 3d math exams for accuracy and completeness

  • Provided detailed feedback to improve students’ understanding of game engine 

  • Facilitated student learning by holding office hours

Jul. 2021 - Feb. 2022

Twenty Transportation Inc.

  • Worked as an application developer to simplify terminal appointment-related tasks

  • Designed and developed software solutions for terminal appointment management

  • Created an automated appointment scheduling for multiple terminal sites, saving time and effort for employees

Jul. 2018 - Sept. 2018

Tencent Holdings Ltd.

  • Worked as an application developer intern on the internal news data management system

  • Designed and developed a custom back-end web crawler for popular social media platforms, enabling faster and more efficient information gathering

  • Built a system for sorting, adding, and updating the information in the database

  • Created a front-end web page to provide user-friendly access to the gathered data


2021 - 2023

University of Southern California
Master's Degree in
Computer Science Game Development

Course Highlights: Game Engine Development, 3D Graphics and Rendering, Computer Animation and Simulation, Game Graphics, Analysis of Algorithms

2015 - 2019

University of California, Santa Cruz
Bachelor's Degree in
Computer Science Game Design

Course Highlights: Visual Communication Interaction, Application Development, Game Engine, Game System, Game Graphics

Skills & Expertise

  • Strong understanding of game design principles, with a focus on prioritizing player experience

  • Adequate knowledge of game engines through TA experience and multiple courses 

  • 6-year background in game development in Unity C#, showcasing a solid foundation in programming and game development techniques

  • Familiar with related software such as Perforce and FMOD

  • Demonstrated leadership abilities through successfully leading various projects, displaying effective project management and communication skills

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